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Who we are:

Rudi Camerer PhD   

Living in the US and Britain for several years taught me not only the language but also made me aware of the importance of cultural codes. I worked in adult education for more than twenty years, directing among other things the Adult Education Institution of the City of Hamburg and the Weiterbildungs-Testsysteme GmbH, the head office of TELC The European Language Certificates, which serves companies, administrative bodies, universities and language schools at a European level.

Peter Kiefer  PhD 

My studies in Language and Cultural Studies at Mainz University and the Universidad Complutense Madrid and my long stays in different countries  as well as my professional work today make me constantly aware of the different systems of verbal and nonverbal communication. The critical aspects of intercultural communication influence my work both in the fields of curriculum and test design (German, Spanish and other languages) and in train-the-trainer seminars.


Waltraud Meyer-Görlich  

After studying Romance languages and German in Heidelberg and Frankfurt/M, I taught mainly Spanish French and German at upper secondary level for 36 years while also working in several different institutions concerned with school development and teacher training in the state of Hesse, Germany. My particular interests in the area of language teaching and learning are in performance, intercultural learning, the connection between teaching and testing and issues of grading in school contexts.


Judith Mader  MA 

I grew up in England and have degrees in Political Science (University of Sussex) and in Applied Linguistics (University of Birmingham). I have lived in Germany for over 30 years and have worked extensively both in the corporate and university sectors in language and teacher training courses. I have considerable expertise in the field of test construction and have published widely in several sectors. Today my special interest is in questions of intercultural competence and the role of English as a global lingua franca. 


Prof. François Weiss  

I have a PhD in linguistics and have been a professor of English in France, Germany, Australia, UK, and Greece – at the Sorbonne as well as at the French National Centre for Languages at Sèvres and also at the universities of Munich and Athens. For many years I conducted work for the Council of Europe and have published widely on methodological issues. Today my special focus is on questions of how intercultural competence may be incorporated with the process of foreign language acquisition.